RapidTest – Medtrac Digital Lab

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RapidTest – Medtrac Digital Lab


Rapidtest is our flagship product combining an eCommerce site, patient portal, mobile application and an automated robotic digital lab.

An early working version is undergoing live trials in a European hospital private practice. Further development & rollout of functionality is planned subject to investment funding.

RapidTest is a Clinic & Hospital based system that provides continuous testing using an array of four test sensors with three AI systems to provide a comprehensive testing platform.

A high-throughput, robot-controlled digital DNA Test assay provides detailed diagnostics including 3d imaging of pathogen load.

Built using technology developed for the space program. The IBM Watson AI engine improves the accuracy of our testing over time.

Blood or Hair DNA Samples

We offer the choice of direct to customer (via a simple in-home Test Kit) or via healthcare providers (clinic or hospital) with a rapid 24-hour turnaround available.

Fig1. Blood Spot DNA Test

AI Automated Test Management Platform

Our Einstein AI-assisted Patient Journey workflow CRM platform provides automated contact management by email and text messaging to keep patients informed of progress during testing. A secure patient portal provides access to test results.

A highly scalable Cloud platform supports millions of customer tests.

Advanced 3D Imaging

A new level of diagnostic imaging quality lets medical staff visualise pathogens in high-resolution 3D detail.

Test Process

Our test process is explained below:

  1. After purchasing the test, The Patient is directed to our secure patient portal
  2. The patient uses their Mobile Phone or Web browser to capture their symptoms
  3. A voice analysis system detects potential conditions
  4. AI analysis decides if additional data is required
  5. Additional online Tests will be carried out (I.E. Visual Testing, Heart Rate Variability)
  6. After collecting symptoms we assess the patient using a scoring model
  7. The Patient is sent a Blood Test kit in the post
  8. The patient places a drop of blood on the test kit using the lancet provided and sends the 3D barcoded testkit to the Lab
  9. The Blood Sample is scanned on for Test sensors
  10. The results of each test are analysed by our AI system and the results are stored in our patient portal.
  11. The patient is sent a secure email with a link to their results on our portal.

Rapid Test combines the following components.

Rapid Test Core Components

Ecommerce Site
A Pilot Website allows patients to purchase the RapidTest service
Live Service
Patient Record System
A custom Salesforce Health application that captures patient details, purchases, subscriptions and records the results of testing. A medical portal offers approved medical personnel access to patient records. Initial customisation completed and now live.
On Hold
Digital Lab
A manually controlled digital lab without the systems integration, AI and latest technology planned in the Robotic Controlled Lab. Four systems are used to provide differential diagnostics. Currently undergoing testing in a European private hospital. Upgrades to the lab technology await funding. Serves as a limited POC with reduced functionality.
Under Evaluation

Clinical Website
Lets customer update their records and capture their symptoms and recrod their voice for analysis by our AI engine.
Mobile Application
This is an Apple IOS & Android mobile application for Voice & Symptom capture and access to diagnostics data & test results. Future versions will collect sensor data from mobile sensors such as heart rate variability monitoring and Bluetooth blood glucose monitors that can be used in diagnostics. The Web App offers this functionality for now. The mobile app development will be introduced with the commercial launch of this service
Robotic Controlled Lab
Highly Automated Lab for high throughput and low cost. AI & Systems Integration with an industrial robot will create a 100% automated straight-through processing (STP) service. The automation will keep service affordable and allow staff to develop the service with minimal operational costs. The latest versions of existing lab equipment will be purchased from suppliers. Awaiting funding to start the development and testing of this lab.
Design Stage Completed.