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The Medtrac team are developing a range of services & products that will be launched in controlled releases as they complete a development and testing phase.

Service & Description Current Status

Rapid Test – Our flagship product offers an unparalleled level of detail about your health using your mobile phone to capture data which is analysed alongside your results from our digital lab. An early working version is undergoing live trials in a European Private Hospital. Further development of the platform is planned subject to funding.
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MVP Live Testing
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Digital Pathogen Sensor (DPS) – A contactless non-invasive test that does not require DNA or consumables to perform a rapid test in seconds. No chemicals, swabs, syringes, vials or primers are used. The DPS sensor has multiple use cases available under license. Currently at POC Testing stage. Patent application in progress. Scientific validation to start once the patent is accepted. MVP software design and development due.
POC Completed
POC Product Testing ongoing
Rapid Scan – Our Public Transportation implementation of the Digital Pathogen Sensor (DPS) to detect COVID-19 and variants.
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Product Design Completed
Industrial Design, 3d Modelling and POC product fabrication due next.

Other Products Planned – A range of products that exploit the Digital Pathogen Sensor (DPS) will be announced in Q3 2021. We are looking for companies to license our technology for commercial exploitation. Joint Ventures are welcomed.
Research Stage