Health Diagnostic Systems


Introducing RapidScan & RapidTest

RapidSan is our contactless non-invasive Airport Scanner

RapidTest is our AI assisted Health Screening Platform.




RapidScan can detect SARS-COV-2 in under 10 seconds.


Ideal for airports, railway terminals, bus stations, sports stadiums & shopping malls.


Open up your borders for international travel with MEDTRAC




A 5 minute screening test using
AI to search for 1000’s of pathogens.


Lyme Disease Digital Test


Our new Lyme Disease Test utilises multiple test sensors and AI to provide a low cost reliable digital test.

<h2><strong> Parasite Testing

Parasite Testing


Our AI enhanced Parasite Test provides a real alternative to outdated stool tests.

Government Grants & Funding


MEDTRAC are looking for Governments and NGO’s who can provide grants to help MEDTRAC expand.