Preventative Health Diagnostics


MEDTRAC is a start-up digital health company introducing space programme developed real-time health monitoring and contactless non-invasive diagnostics.


Preventative Health Platform

Our mobile health application integrates three separate AI systems to provide early warning of developing adverse health conditions. Continuous Health Monitoring alerts you to emerging health threats and recommends actions to restore your health before you realised there was an issue. Future enhancements will offer consultations with board-certified Medical Doctors & Naturopaths who can provide a traditional, integrative or naturopathic treatment plan.

Non-invasive Diagnostics

Our soon to be patented contactless sensor technology (Digital Pathogen Sensor or DPS) is a breakthrough non-invasive rapid screening test that requires no DNA samples.

Space Programme

Utilising new technology developed by PHD's for the space programme, we provide photorealistic 3d colour imaging to help you and your health professional visualise disease.

Symptom & Voice analysis

After inputting your symptoms using a simple graphical interface, our mobile voice analysis module analyses your voice to detect many health conditions.

<h3><strong>Robot Controlled Lab

Robot Controlled Lab


– Fully automated Digital Lab


– Utra-low operational cost enables continuous Health Monitoring


– DNA handled by robot (Dry Blood Spot)


– We aim to match and eventually exceed traditional blood test accuracy (sensitivity and specificity).


RapidScan is a contactless public transportation turnstile that can detect COVID-19 and other emerging public health threats in under 10 seconds.

Designed to protect the public at airports, railway terminals, sports stadiums & shopping malls.


Space programme technology and AI will revolutionise healthcare



A 5 minute screening test using

AI to search for 1000’s of pathogens.



Networked AI Systems

We integrated three advanced AI systems into our mobile & cloud-based technology platform.

IBM Watson

The AI deep learning engine correlates your symptoms with voice analysis and other mobile app sensor data (heart rate variability etc) and our digital lab test results to provide you and your doctor with detailed and reliable data on your current state of health.

Salesforce Einstein

We use the Salesforce AI system for Digital Marketing and Patient Journey. We track Lab tests logistics and keep clients informed of progress.

Isabel Symptom AI

We interface the Isabel symptom engine into our platform for unrivalled accuracy in health condition prediction.

Scientific Research Team

Medtrac is looking for PhD Research scientists and academic institutions to validate our groundbreaking technology. We will provide research funding with support from industry partners, foundations and government grants.
<h3><strong>Scientific Research Team

Academic Research Call for Funds

MEDTRAC are looking for Governments, NGO’s and Foundations to provide research grants for scientific research and clinical trials.
<h3><strong>Academic Research Call for Funds

Our Digital Pathogen Sensor (DPS) has numerous use cases.

The video below shows an Airport based COVID-19 test in action.